Kiwi Observatory is located  in Timaru, a city in the province of South Canterbury,
New Zealand.

  • The observatory is home to a 12 inch truss Newtonian on a Skywacther EQ8 mount.
  • A Celestron 11 inct SCT telescope on a Skywatcher EQ8 mount which is on a Pier tech hrdraullic mount.
  • Our other outreach and star party  scopes are, Skywatcher 180mm Mak with Schott optics, 9.25 inch Dobsonian, and a six inch dobsonian telescopes.
  • We also use a 80mm APO refractor on a Meade LX80 mount.
  • For solar observing we use Coronado Solarmax II  deadicated solar instruments on computerised mount.
  • Even though we are located in Timaru we have great views of the Milky Way, due in some respect to the large park next door to our location.

Public Observing & Education

  • Community groups and individuals are welcome at Kiwi Observatory for observing & education of whats in the night sky.
  • Community & School groups are free.
  • Public observing sessions, donation to off set equipment up keep.
  • Our tours consist of observatory tour, presentation and observing.
  • Amateur astronomers on hand to inform and teach you about the objects in the night sky.
  • Modern DIY unique sliding domed observatory with research grade telescopes.
  • Contact us to organise a tour or click on the booking icon.
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Learn how to use telescopes

  • Aligning your telescope
  • Using GOTO computerised telescopes
  • Interfacting with your computer
  • Wide field astro photography
  • Using cameras with telescopes
  • Contact us for a quote.