Astrophotography is the ultimate challenge for amateur astronomers, there are various forms of astrophotography.

  • Solar
  • Planetary
  • Deep Sky
  • Star trails
  • Widefield

Each form of astrophotography requires learning and deadication . Many keen astronomers dive in at the deep end, the best advice we can give is learn the basics of astronomy first; thats your way around the night sky, learn about the objects, once you have done that and your totally familiar with your telescope, then challenge yourself  with astrophotography.

Other forms of astrophotography:  star trails and widefield imaging, a great way to learn the basic techniques of processing your images.  

If you wish to learn the basics of widefield imaging of the Milky Way please advise when booking. We will go through the basic with you, mount your camera or smart phone on one of our telescopes to allow tracking of images, which will give you more detail in your finished image.

We will show you how to process your image as well.

When booking advise the make and model of your camera. Please bring a USB memory stick with you.

At the left you wil see some images taken with a smart phone mounted on our telescope, with some simple instruction you can achieve these result.

Suggest you have the phone app called “NightCap”, you get from the Apple Store or a similar app from the Google Play store , we suggest ProShot.